Worst Terminator Prequel Ever?

Published On January 10, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Somebody went and modified two Google Home assistants so that they each
use a different artificial intelligence called Cleverbot, which is kind of like an online experiment leading towards Artificial Intelligence.
Cleverbot can actually hold a conversation and improvise.
Then they went  and made the two Cleverbots talk to each other, and
have been live-streaming video of it.

The bots have  pretty much been talking non-stop for about a week now.
They don’t always make a lot of sense, and they tend to disagree a lot.
But in a weird way , it’s kind of entertaining.

On the bright side, for all the doomsayers who are afraid of Skynet and the
threat of Arificial Intelligence someday wiping out humanity… lend your
ears to these two bumbling bots for roughly about two minutes and your
fears will go away….they’re not the smartest bots…. or are they?

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