Afternoon Pileup: Crystal Kayaks, Lucky Oatmeal & Tesla Heroes

Published On February 17, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Crystal Kayak, how I wish I had you last month down in Mexico.
Like Cozumel.. with all the pretty colours.
Fact: One of the partners in the company, Brian Maxfield is right here in Sarnia!
He plays in Sarnia’s hottest local band “The Room With Rob Jenkins”.
Their design is starting to get International recognition with resorts all over the world.
They even gave a couple away on “The Price Is Right”.

Lucky Charms Oatmeal?  Cinnamon Toast Oatmeal? Yes please. But only here in Canada!
But what about Peeps-flavored Oreos? Says the USA. (we’ll pass, thanks. Sorry Buddy!)

Do you find it easier to bond with others on mutal things that you HATE?
Like fanny packs, slow walkers, Trump, or a mutual hatred of Ketchup?
Try this dating app called HATER

And let’s take a minute to recognize the handful of heroes in a Monday night rescue
on the Autobahn where one man sacrificed his $70,000 Tesla to stop another car whose
driver was out cold from have a stroke. Now, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stepped in to congratulate
the hero and pay for ALL repairs to his Tesla automobile.

Want a bike lock that bites back against crime?
The Skunklock might make thieves think twice about trying to cut through your bike lock

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