Adulting: Doing it Right?

Published On February 28, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Happy Fat-Tuesday! Are YOU having pancakes for dinner?
Or the usual, Master Bruce?
Very good.. a bag of Doritos and that 2 litre Coke Zero it is…

The new fad these days apparently is “Adulting” – acting like a damn GROWN UP
since you ARE ONE! It can also mean meeting reasonable adult expectations,
whether it means cleaning part of a room after you get home from work
or doing a couple of the dishes over the weekend.
To get better educated on the art of Adulting, there is a college course
based on it and you can even take the courses online, if your Adulting major
isn’t in “Getting your ass out of bed and dressed for the day”
Also, have some stickers…..









How come this never happened when I ran track in High School?
Naked woman hops fence and runs with boys track team until police arrive
and arrest her.

Were we born way too early, you and I? this never happened in MY high school
experience… let’s read on..
The students were freaked out and had locked themselves in a
nearby portable. So….. does that mean she was attractive? Or…….


And finally, Noel Gallagher’s phone is missing.
And it could cost him his chances of ever getting knighted someday, why?

“If somebody found it and saw all the
f&$#*#g PORN on it, I could kiss my Knighthood goodbye” he says.

This could be our chance to prevent a future with Sir. Noel Gallagher in it.

I wonder if he’s asked his brother Liam where it could be. I wonder if he’s
TALKED to his brother Liam in the last 5 years. I wonder if he even KNOWS
where his brother Liam could be?  Maybe Liam STOLE his brother’s cellphone.
The two aren’t really the best of friends you know.

So if you’ve seen Noel’s phone anywhere… there’s a lot of (presumably) boobs on there.
Let that be your motivation to help a British brother out….  FOUND IT.. wait, Never mind….
(that just goes to the British news story.. thought that was going to be a risky click did you?)

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