Afternoon Pile Up: Tiny Shirts, New Movie Yoda Might, Fake Murders

Published On March 14, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons
  1. Hey Facebook friends,  I murdered my fiance – is that wrong?
    I don’t know what is worse here. Inciting a panic among family and friends by
    pretending to murder your girlfriend, who also thinks the prank is hilarious,
    by smearing the walls with ketchup and staging “funny” “murder photos” in the bathtub.

    OR…The stink of all that ketchup in that room. Especially with all that hot water.
    I mean, of all the garbage-tier condiments in the fridge and in the world, ketchup has
    got to be the worst. If you don’t believe me, go work a fast-food job and get tasked with
    spraying down the lobby trays in the back room – and just get a whiff of the hot water
    hitting that red vinegar clot on the plastic tray, releasing a hot stench of sweet,
    decaying vegetable matter and acidic vomit  into the air like stepping into a rotten
    pumpkin on a hot day.

    That is ketchup my friends, one of the top 15 pervading smells rolling
    from any given landfill at this very moment somewhere. God I hate ketchup!
    What were we talking about again?
    Right. Facebook Prank- Fake Murder – Don’t do that.
    Or the cops will have words with you

2.  Is Frank Oz going to return as Yoda in The Last Jedi?  Let’s cross our fingers and hope!

3.  Urban Outfitters WAS  selling a VERY short shirt for women called an “Extreme Crop Tank Top Shrug.”  It’s about 10cms long and pretty much stops right where your cleavage starts.
and costs $16.  If this counts as a shirt, then tube socks officially qualify as pants…
Um, wow. Where do you think you’re going in THAT.. uh… SHIRT?

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