Feed The Machine : Vodka?

Published On March 1, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

NSFW LANGUAGE – Bewarned.. salty barrels of verbal profanity peppering
this completely epic tale of the greatest drinking story ever told.

Coles Notes:
– Bert Kreischer spent many years in college
– Took a Russian course for a guaranteed easy credit
(don’t leave and you’ll get a C… Da, Bishes!!)
– Got sent on a cultural exchange to Russia, and associated, against rules
with their mobster protecion.
– Russians in the 90’s didn’t know a lot of American Movie cliches
– He becomes a legend
– Robs a train
– Drives a cop car with a drunken cop and a plastic surgeon…
– Police in different provinces ¬†pull him aside.. “YOU…. so they say.. you’re the MACHINE…?”

– The Machine Thing gets out of hand………

All this because it turns out 30 of you know the story, and got the reference
to Bert on today’s Drive at 5 – when someone equested Nickelback “Feed the Machine”

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