Fun With Station Security Cameras!

Published On March 10, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

So our trusty engineer made the mistake of showing the announcers how to find
the links to our live security cameras placed in and around the building.
The links will bring up the latest still image, but it’s been discovered that if you refresh
the page (f5) then the latest image will pop up, and that if you do this fast enough, then
the screen will move.. .like a moving picture… a movie!!!  Albeit a flickering movie,
much like the olde time silent films of the early 20th century.

You show some tools to some creative monkeys and the monkeys get creative!
Well ok, Monkey..  What do you mean “We” said my Music-Room Cubicle Neighbor, Carrie,
as I showed this development in movie-making madness to management, giggling.
YOU…. this is all YOU.  Okay, and the soundtrack was also my idea, because you need
some good old upright-piano ragtime playing merrily in the background – on the cam where
nothing exciting happens – except for Carrie running out to dance a jig  (Screen Test 1- complete!).
But that was just pure fun.

So, how do we film it?  Cellphone camera!  GENIUS!!!

That being said, I should probably go and get some real work done, Friday or no Friday….

**** Music credits go to the freakishly talented Tom Brier. This music makes me want to vacuum my
apartment at the highest speed possible. Someday you will find me lying next to the upright vacuum,
which will still be turned on and running, struck down by a massive H.A. while this song plays on a repeat-loop full blast off my computer speakers:


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