Kids React to Guns n Roses

Published On March 7, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Yep, Uncle Matt has a lot of firsts to look forward to when it comes to introducing
his nephew and niece to the essentials. Things like “small/real lego”, Star Wars (New Hope,
Empire, Jedi – and onward – try and disavow the prequels for as long as possible)
and… music.   While responsible-adult Matt knows Guns n Roses’ Appetite For Destruction
album note for note, and word for word – and is fully aware of the completely inappropriate
lyrical content within (“Cos school starts much to early, and this hotel wasn’t free!!” – My Michele)
the earmuffs cannot stay on forever – and for such an iconic rock album?
How long can you keep such epic rock from waiting ears?

Watch as these kids react to Guns n Roses for the very first time – and ask yourself…
What song would YOU choose – for their first impression of  GNR?

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