RIP Chuck Berry – More Than Just Goode.

Published On March 20, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

The first day of Spring  has lost just a bit of it’s shine.
Maybe it was the lack of robin sightings or the overcast sky on this morning’s commute.
Perhaps that was but a mere contribution to the gloomy first day of Spring,
for the real reason as Alice Cooper tweeted is that   “All of us in rock have now lost our father.”

Chuck Berry died Saturday at his home in St. Louis, MO at the age of 90.
His health had deteriorated rapidly over the past few days, and he spent those days
surrounded by family and loved ones.

I can’t remember where I first heard Johnny B. Goode – whether it was out of
Elvis- Aloha Hawaii (yep, used to blast that one in 6th grade at lunch hour)
or Back to the Future.  But every time it was on the oldies station (Oldies Fifteen Seventy!!),
if it was on during the noon hour, or Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys – and some
kid was calling it in (Sorry Jodi Orr, fellow jock who I had the pleasure of working
with years later – yeah, I was the kid who’d call in every day, w/ a fake accent,
pretending to be leaving for Australia and needing to hear the song NOW before
the plane left). Chances are it was on  because of this kid, right here.
Embrace the shame.

Speaking of BTTF:  Michael J Fox – stepped into the shoes (self lacing?) of Marty McFly
to pay homage to a famous moment from Back to the Future’s “Enchantment Under-
The Sea” dance to tweet his respects.

Last fall, Chuck announced that he was recording his first album of new material in 38 years.
It’s called “Chuck”, and it sounds like he was able to finish it.
It’ll be out sometime this year, but there’s no release date yet.

One of my favourite performances of Chuck Berry was a duet he did with one of his
biggest fans, a Beatle by the name of John Lennon.  Seriously, Lennon was starstruck
and so excited to share the stage with his own rock idol,  and so was Yoko Ono, who’s
desire to upstage this rare meeting of rock giants, came out as a warbled screeching
and yodelling display of…. something, that had very little to do with the moment,
or Memphis Tennessee for that matter.

If you must, fast forward to the 1:20 mark and just watch Chuck’s eyes widen momentarily
at the sudden wailing of a tortured cat somewhere behind him – but only for a split second,
and then he’s back in the zone. They say there were three musical geniuses there that day

Chuck Berry, John Lennon, and The Sound Guy who Muted Yoko Ono’s Microphone.


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