Strange Eating Habits…

Published On May 16, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

THERE’S REALLY NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY to eat different foods  .
As far as I’m concerned, just shove it into your mouth however you want.
But you still might want to know HOW NORMAL OR ABNORMAL YOUR HABITS ARE — AND THERE  WAS A STUDY THAT WAS DONE.. THAT asked people if they eat certain normal foods in strange ways…

Almost 2 people in 20 .. will eat ribs with a knife and fork…
If you eat mac and cheese with a spoon, you’re among the 2 in 10.
There’s always the one or two people in your extended family somewhere,
Who break out the utensils to eat pizza.. 18%..
And a freaky 7% of the population… think it’s just fine and dandy…
To eat their pizza… crust – first……  monsters…….


How strange are YOUR eating habits?
Take the test HERE

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