Spider + Dragon Attack?

Published On July 31, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Mythical monsters were roaming the streets of Ottawa this weekend
in a street art performance called La Machine.
Its been described as a massive and impressive show meant
to help people rediscover their own city…. With giant robotic dragons
and spiders – just like the old days! (??)

La Machine is a performance company based in France.
They were convinced to select Ottawa for their North American
debut this week, as part of the city’s contribution to Canada’s 150th
birthday celebrations.

Meanwhile.. Toronto Gets a giant rubber Duck…
What giant animal should Sarnia  get?

<Meanwhile in downtown Sarnia)
Ray: (Don’t think Stay Puft Marshmallow Man..Don’t think Stay Puft Marshmallow Man..)
<heavy footeps and the sound of mayhem from a distance>
Peter: “Rayyyyy…. what have you done?”
Ray: “I tried to think of something harmless, something friendly…”
<loud hum, changes to a saw-like buzzing sound>
Egon: “Ray.. .what did you think of???”
Ray: “All he ever did was give high fives and dance at the Sting Games…”
Winston: “Awwww HELL no….. RAY!!!!”
Ray: “I didn’t ever think Buzz could  menace a city!!”
<Giant Bee steps on the Refined Fool>
(Pete Venkmann Levels his proton pack and takes aim)
Peter: “Nobody steps on a CRAFT BREWERY in MY town!!”

– Crap…. I just realized I forgot to read the weather and haven’t talked
on-air in 30 minutes because I’ve spent that last half hour writing Ghostbusters
Fan Fiction in the On-Air Studio..again.

I hope this doesn’t come up in my next performance review….

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