Afternoon Blogosphere: Space Time and a Warehouse of Booze…

Published On August 2, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Space in your Face!
Do you know a fastidious neat-freak who needs some “space” in their life?
(besides your ex? haha… but seriously) Nasa has a job position opening up that pays
up to $187,000/year! As a “Plantary Protection Officer”, do you get an Armani suit and
stylish Ray Bans? See if you meet the qualifications HERE.
For inspiration,  PPO Officers  were featured in Star Trek TOS as red shirted officers.
Their job was to keep Captain Kirk from “contaminating other cultures” if you know what
I mean. You know, creating a galaxy of little Kirklets on every planet if you catch my drift.
By having unprotected sexual contact with alien women. Only problem was, the redshirts
would get killed off first when the away-team beamed down, leaving the Captain to use
his own judgement.  Strange how Kirk alway put the Red-shirted Planetary Protection Officers
on the front line isn’t it?
(EDT: Ok.. so they were security and engineering  officers, whatever)

Extend Your Long Weekend, Live in the NOW, Put Down your Phone!
How long do you think the average work email goes unread?
5 minutes? 1 minute?
Try 6 seconds. In reality, 70 percent of office emails are read within six seconds of arriving.
We’ve been trained. Well Trained. Hours are lost on our handheld devices, so lets’ leave them
plugged in by the bedside as we head out into the summer weather this weekend.
5 Ways to Recognize and Break that Mobile Phone Addiction. HERE

If I could have one wish this Civic Holiday weekend, it would be to become  this Raccoon for 1 day.
And preferably NOT the day after. Getting locked in an alcohol warehouse isn’t always a bad
thing, it’s just a matter of perspective…

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