Otto D. Pilot – Could YOU Do It???

Published On August 8, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Good afternoon, I will be airline your pilot from the ground today,
and I’ll be keeping an eye on your automated flight f
or your boeing 737 Leaving Pearson for Cancun International airport….where it’s currently
27 or 81 just like it is in Toronto and at the flight center here in Sarnia – sunshine for the rest of today, down to 14 or 57 tonight.
– I’ll be flying you by remote control – we hope you enjoy the flight.

Would you do it?  AUTOMATED FLIGHTS? NO?
Ok.. but what if I were to tell you that computers are already doing
a lot of the flying already?

Commercial AIRLINERS already have the ability to take off, cruise, and land using on-board flight computers —  but now… removing pilots from the cockpit entirely could SAVE $35 billion per year — to airlines
and improve safety. This, according to a new report.
As long as your ground based pilot doesn’t sound like this:

So…would YOU do it? If you could get to Cancun and back for a hundred and 50 bucks – by hopping on an automated plane with the pilot on the ground, in a drone seat ,in a fight center.
Would you save the cash and take the ride?

Consider this…
I’ve been doing flight hops for a month now on MS Flight Simulator in a Boeing 737 -800.  That pretty much qualifies ME to be your captain.
Do a rock show – fly a plane .  Just like Ed Force One.

I mean, as a Commercial airline pilot…

You’ve got your AutoNav and Auto-Throttle. You just punch in your speed, heading and altitude—And throw on “Otto the Pilot” once your gear folds up after liftoff. 
THEN YOU HAVE A FEW HOURS in which to take 5 minutes to  punch in your ILS landing frequency – your plane picks up the frequency when u get near the airport, and like a homing beacon…or a tractor beam if you’re
imaginative, the ILS  guides your plane down the center-line of the runway. 

Guaranteed that this happened on your last flight.
It’s already pretty much automated NOW….right?
How much different could it be?
What if a sudden cross-wind gusts across the runway on your final approach. Your pilot back in Canada at ground-control won’t feel it,
but he or she will see it register on the equipment readings.
Will that be enough?

By the way, Microsoft Flight Simulator-X (Steam Edition) is great fun.
You can download it HERE.

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