Could You Bear the Never-Ending Birthday Bear?

Published On October 25, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Now THIS is just cruel and unusual isn’t it?

There is a teddy bear that will sing Happy Birthday to the recipient/victim
once the pin is pulled, but then it will continue to sing the song over and over
until it is finally destroyed by said victim. Like a cursed item from Needful Things,
this teddy bear has no off-switch and is guaranteed to last for at least 3 hours..
of NON-STOP… Happy Birthdays!

How far can YOU make it through? Check it out, and aim for your score:

Easy Mode = 2 minutes
Hard Mode = 5 minutes
Rage Mode = 20 minutes
Nightmare Mode = 1 hour.
Thermonuclear Fury Mode = 2 hours
Godmode = 3 hours.

Talk about the worst birthday prank-gift EVER, right?
You can find out more HERE.

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