Rock Stars vs. Ghosts

Published On October 31, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

And Rolling Stone” put out a list of 13 musicians who have
had paranormal experiences, and they include Alice Cooper being
creeped out in a basement, and Meat loaf having the sheets ripped off his bed.
Check out the 13 Musicians Who Have Encountered Ghosts HERE!

Honorable mentions also go to The Mansion recording studio, which is infamously
haunted and where dozens of  our favorite rock bands have left with stories of their own.
Including the Chillies – who’s former guitarist John Frusciante encountered a few spirits
and decided to haunt them back with, um…solo-pleasure.
No word on whether or not that exorcised the demons at The Mansion.
More on The Mansion and it’s hauntings can be found HERE.

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