Why I Love Japanese TV: Part 2

Published On November 21, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Slippery Stairs are surprisingly suspenseful….
And that sentence makes for a pretty sweet alliteration too (think back to high-
school English class ).

I once worked at a station in a city whose name rhymes with Lame Bridge
where the old radio station was above a bank. And after a good freezing rain in the depths of winter you’d watch this game proceed throughout the afternoon on the back stairwell of the building leading up to our studios.

Come to think of it, some heating would have been nice in the stairwell..
or the back half of the building… but dollars did not grow on trees back then
and radio announcers wore layers and sweaters… and GORE-TEX® in the studio.
Anyway… what were we talking about again?
Oh yes.. Japanese televisions.
I’ve got one on Kijiji I’ll sell you for a good price  if you’re looking..

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