We Wish you a Beery Christmas (Tree)

Published On November 29, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Things sure have taken a turn for the strange this Christmas season…

I remember just last year when we pondered the beauty (and functionality) of the
BEER BOTTLE TREE (where setting it up, aka “emptying the bottles” is half the fun!)

Now let’s approach this project logically here…
This fantastic idea would only work if based upon a few reasonable conditions, such as

  1. You would need to help me drink a few of these beers. Over a thousand beers = at least a few every day over the course of the year.
  2. Storing said bottles from year to year would be out of the question. While I consider myself lucky
    beyond measure to enjoy the love and company of a living grandparent, and while every year,
    the apartment looks amazing when I go visit – the words  “Can you and your brother bring up the
    Christmas tree and the 11 boxes of decororations from the storage room” make me reach for the Robaxacal ™ (r). Now imagine lugging up almost 45 cases of beer bottles in order to set up
    the tree. My chiropractor is busy enough as it is….
    3. The tree must come down. Not in April, not after break-fast New Years Day… NOW (boxing day)
    And then it must get marched to the Beer Store and get turned into $105 at the bottle return.
    This will then get put toward NEXT year’s tree with the next 3 cases of beer (7  USA cases).Beer Tree. Let’s do this.

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