Cram Rhymes Sir !!

Published On December 19, 2017 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Doubtless you’ve seen those gummy or sticker “Merry Christmas” letters on windows and
refrigerators over the holidays, and thought – I wonder what other words and phrases I can spell
out with those letters.  Or maybe I’m the only prankster around here….

Regardless, in the old days of letter signs and anagrams, it took some thought and creativity.
We didn’t have websites and Anagram Generators (like THIS one) to crunch the letters for us.
Like Bart Simpson re-arranging the restaurant’s sign reading “Cod Platter” to “Cold Pet Rat”,
we just shuffled things around until it was funny.

There are 3384 English word combinations you can get out of the letters “MERRY CHRISTMAS”
Here are 500. Now have fun. Be responsible. Responsibly funny that is…

Racism Rhymers (wait.. no…aw no….. no.. just no…)
Racisms Rhymer
Carry Shimmers
Remarry Schism
Marry Smirches
A Crimes Myrrhs
A Chrisms Merry
A Scrim Rhymers
A Scrims Rhymer
Ace Myrrhs Rims
Marcher Sirs My
Charmer Sirs My
Marchers Sir My
Marchers Sri My
Charmers Sir My
Charmers Sri My
Archers Rims My
Archers Miry Ms
Crasher Rims My
Crasher Miry Ms
Crashers Rim My
Archery Rims Ms
Archery Mis Mrs
Archery Ism Mrs
Archery Isms Mr
Archery Miss Mr
Search Miry Mrs
Arches Miry Mrs
Chaser Miry Mrs
Chasers Miry Mr
Crashes Miry Mr
Caries Myrrh Ms
Came Myrrhs Sir
Came Myrrhs Sri
Came Myrrh Sirs
Mace Myrrhs Sir
Mace Myrrhs Sri
Mace Myrrh Sirs
Acme Myrrhs Sir
Acme Myrrhs Sri
Acme Myrrh Sirs
Cream Shirrs My
Cream Myrrhs Is
Cream Myrrh Sis
Scream Shirr My
Scream Myrrhs I
Scream Myrrh Is
Creams Shirr My
Creams Myrrhs I
Creams Myrrh Is
Screams Myrrh I
Creamy Shirr Ms
Maces Myrrh Sir
Maces Myrrh Sri
Acmes Myrrh Sir
Acmes Myrrh Sri
Acre Myrrhs Mis
Acre Myrrhs Ism
Acre Myrrh Isms
Acre Myrrh Miss
Care Myrrhs Mis
Care Myrrhs Ism
Care Myrrh Isms
Care Myrrh Miss
Race Myrrhs Mis
Race Myrrhs Ism
Race Myrrh Isms
Race Myrrh Miss
Acres Myrrhs Mi
Acres Myrrh Mis
Acres Myrrh Ism
Races Myrrhs Mi
Races Myrrh Mis
Races Myrrh Ism
Scare Myrrhs Mi
Scare Myrrh Mis
Scare Myrrh Ism
Cares Myrrhs Mi
Cares Myrrh Mis
Cares Myrrh Ism
Caress Myrrh Mi
Scares Myrrh Mi
Case Myrrhs Rim
Case Myrrh Rims
Aces Myrrhs Rim
Aces Myrrh Rims
Cases Myrrh Rim
Chairs Merry Ms
Mach Merry Sirs
Chammy Err Sirs
Chammy Errs Sir
Chammy Errs Sri
March Risers My
March Merry Sis
March Ryes Rims
Charm Risers My
Charm Merry Sis
Charm Ryes Rims
Charms Riser My
Charms Merry Is
Charms Res Miry
Charms Ryes Rim
Charms Rye Rims
Machs Merry Sir
Machs Merry Sri
Machs Errs Miry
Chasm Merry Sir
Chasm Merry Sri
Chasm Errs Miry
Chasms Err Miry
Arch Misery Mrs
Arch Merry Isms
Arch Merry Miss
Char Misery Mrs
Char Merry Isms
Char Merry Miss
Crash Misery Mr
Crash Merry Mis
Crash Merry Ism
Crash Rems Miry
Chars Misery Mr
Chars Merry Mis
Chars Merry Ism
Chars Rems Miry
Chary Mires Mrs
Chary Miser Mrs
Chary Rimes Mrs
Chary Emirs Mrs
Chary Misers Mr
Chary Remiss Mr
Chary Rems Rims
Cash Merry Rims
Mica Sherry Mrs
Mica Res Myrrhs
Micra Sherry Ms
Micra Shyer Mrs
Miscarry Eh Mrs
Miscarry He Mrs
Miscarry Her Ms
Miscarry Hes Mr
Miscarry She Mr
Racism Shyer Mr
Micas Sherry Mr
Micas Re Myrrhs
Micas Res Myrrh
Rica Rhymers Ms
Rica Rhymes Mrs
Rica Ems Myrrhs
Rica Mess Myrrh
Cam Rhymers Sir
Cam Rhymers Sri
Cam Rhymer Sirs
Cam Sherry Rims
Cam Rise Myrrhs
Cam Ires Myrrhs
Cam Sire Myrrhs
Cam Sires Myrrh
Cam Rises Myrrh
Mac Rhymers Sir
Mac Rhymers Sri
Mac Rhymer Sirs
Mac Sherry Rims
Mac Rise Myrrhs
Mac Ires Myrrhs
Mac Sire Myrrhs
Mac Sires Myrrh
Mac Rises Myrrh
Cram Rhymers Is
Cram Rhymer Sis
Cram Rhymes Sir
Cram Rhymes Sri
Cram Rhyme Sirs
Cram Sherry Mis
Cram Sherry Ism
Cram Shyer Rims
Cram Merry Hiss
Crams Rhymers I
Crams Rhymer Is
Crams Rhyme Sir
Crams Rhyme Sri
Crams Sherry Mi
Crams Hers Miry
Crams Shyer Rim
Crams Merry His
Scram Rhymers I
Scram Rhymer Is
Scram Rhyme Sir
Scram Rhyme Sri
Scram Sherry Mi
Scram Hers Miry
Scram Shyer Rim
Scram Merry His
Scrams Rhymer I
Scrams Her Miry
Scrams Merry Hi
Cams Rhymer Sir
Cams Rhymer Sri
Cams Sherry Rim
Cams Ire Myrrhs
Cams Rise Myrrh
Cams Ires Myrrh
Cams Sire Myrrh
Scam Rhymer Sir
Scam Rhymer Sri
Scam Sherry Rim
Scam Ire Myrrhs
Scam Rise Myrrh
Scam Ires Myrrh
Scam Sire Myrrh
Macs Rhymer Sir
Macs Rhymer Sri
Macs Sherry Rim
Macs Ire Myrrhs
Macs Rise Myrrh
Macs Ires Myrrh
Macs Sire Myrrh
Scams Ire Myrrh
Car Rhymers Mis
Car Rhymers Ism
Car Rhymer Isms
Car Rhymer Miss
Car Rhymes Rims
Car Mise Myrrhs
Car Semi Myrrhs
Car Mises Myrrh
Car Semis Myrrh
Car Merry Shims
Car Errs Shimmy
Arc Rhymers Mis
Arc Rhymers Ism
Arc Rhymer Isms
Arc Rhymer Miss
Arc Rhymes Rims
Arc Mise Myrrhs
Arc Semi Myrrhs
Arc Mises Myrrh
Arc Semis Myrrh
Arc Merry Shims
Arc Errs Shimmy
Carry Hems Rims
Carry Mesh Rims
Carry Sires Hmm
Carry Rises Hmm
Carry Rem Shims
Carry Rems Hims
Carry Rems Shim
Arcs Rhymers Mi
Arcs Rhymer Mis
Arcs Rhymer Ism
Arcs Rhymes Rim
Arcs Rhyme Rims
Arcs Mise Myrrh
Arcs Semi Myrrh
Arcs Merry Hims
Arcs Merry Shim
Arcs Err Shimmy
Scar Rhymers Mi
Scar Rhymer Mis
Scar Rhymer Ism
Scar Rhymes Rim
Scar Rhyme Rims
Scar Mise Myrrh
Scar Semi Myrrh
Scar Merry Hims
Scar Merry Shim
Scar Err Shimmy
Cars Rhymers Mi
Cars Rhymer Mis
Cars Rhymer Ism
Cars Rhymes Rim
Cars Rhyme Rims
Cars Mise Myrrh
Cars Semi Myrrh
Cars Merry Hims
Cars Merry Shim
Cars Err Shimmy
Scars Rhymer Mi
Scars Rhyme Rim
Scars Merry Him
Crass Rhymer Mi
Crass Rhyme Rim
Crass Merry Him
Scary Riser Hmm
Racy Risers Hmm
Sac Rhymers Rim
Sac Rhymer Rims
Sac Mire Myrrhs
Sac Rime Myrrhs
Sac Emir Myrrhs
Sac Mires Myrrh
Sac Miser Myrrh
Sac Rimes Myrrh
Sac Emirs Myrrh
Sacs Rhymer Rim
Sacs Mire Myrrh
Sacs Rime Myrrh
Sacs Emir Myrrh
Marshier Cry Ms
Mishear Cry Mrs
Mishears Cry Mr
Hammer Cry Sirs
Hammers Cry Sir
Hammers Cry Sri
Harems Cry Rims
Masher Cry Rims
Mashers Cry Rim
Smasher Cry Rim
Marshes Cry Rim
Rasher Scrim My
Sharer Scrim My
Sierras Cry Hmm
Raisers Cry Hmm
Arrises Cry Hmm
Ream Sic Myrrhs
Ream Sics Myrrh
Mare Sic Myrrhs
Mare Sics Myrrh
Rearm Scrim Shy
Rearm Cry Shims
Remarry Chis Ms
Rearms Cry Hims
Rearms Cry Shim
Reams Sic Myrrh
Mares Sic Myrrh
Maser Sic Myrrh
Smear Sic Myrrh
Smeary Rich Mrs
Rear Chrisms My
Rare Chrisms My
Rarer Schism My
Rears Smirch My
Rears Chrism My
Rares Smirch My
Rares Chrism My
Years Smirch Mr
Years Chrism Mr
Aery Smirch Mrs
Aery Chrism Mrs
Aery Chrisms Mr
Year Smirch Mrs
Year Chrism Mrs
Year Chrisms Mr
Sea Scrim Myrrh
Ha Scrims Merry
Ah Scrims Merry
Hairs Mercy Mrs
Harm Mercy Sirs
Harm Cress Miry
Harm Scrim Ryes
Harm Scrims Rye
Harm Sics Merry
Harm Cry Misers
Harm Cry Remiss
Harms Ricers My
Harms Criers My
Harms Mercy Sir
Harms Mercy Sri
Harms Recs Miry
Harms Scrim Rye
Harms Sic Merry
Harms Cry Mires
Harms Cry Miser
Harms Cry Rimes
Harms Cry Emirs
Marsh Ricers My
Marsh Criers My
Marsh Mercy Sir
Marsh Mercy Sri
Marsh Recs Miry
Marsh Scrim Rye
Marsh Sic Merry
Marsh Cry Mires
Marsh Cry Miser
Marsh Cry Rimes
Marsh Cry Emirs
Marshy Rice Mrs
Marshy Crier Ms
Marshy Ricer Ms
Marshy Cries Mr
Marshy Rices Mr
Marshy Crise Mr
Marshy Rec Rims
Marshy Recs Rim
Marshy Scrim Re
Rah Cry Simmers
Harry Crimes Ms
Harry Scrim Ems
Harry Scrims Em
Harry Scrims Me
Rash Mercy Rims
Rash Cry Simmer
Has Scrim Merry
Ash Scrim Merry
Aim Recs Myrrhs
Aim Cress Myrrh
Amir Sec Myrrhs
Amir Secs Myrrh
Amirs Cherry Ms
Amirs Sec Myrrh
Aims Cherry Mrs
Aims Rec Myrrhs
Aims Recs Myrrh
Amiss Cherry Mr
Amiss Rec Myrrh
Am Cries Myrrhs
Am Rices Myrrhs
Am Crise Myrrhs
Am Crises Myrrh
Am Mercy Shirrs
Am Scrim Sherry
Ma Cries Myrrhs
Ma Rices Myrrhs
Ma Crise Myrrhs
Ma Crises Myrrh
Ma Mercy Shirrs
Ma Scrim Sherry
Smarmy Chi Errs
Smarmy Rich Res
Smarmy Chis Err
Arm Cherry Isms
Arm Cherry Miss
Arm Ices Myrrhs
Arm Smirch Ryes
Arm Chrism Ryes
Arm Chrisms Rye
Arm Scrim Shyer
Arm Sic Rhymers
Arm Sics Rhymer
Mar Cherry Isms
Mar Cherry Miss
Mar Ices Myrrhs
Mar Smirch Ryes
Mar Chrism Ryes
Mar Chrisms Rye
Mar Scrim Shyer
Mar Sic Rhymers
Mar Sics Rhymer
Ram Cherry Isms
Ram Cherry Miss
Ram Ices Myrrhs
Ram Smirch Ryes
Ram Chrism Ryes
Ram Chrisms Rye
Ram Scrim Shyer
Ram Sic Rhymers
Ram Sics Rhymer
Marry Riches Ms
Marry Chess Rim
Marry Rec Shims
Marry Recs Hims
Marry Recs Shim
Marry Cress Him
Marry Schism Re
Marry Rich Mess
Marry Chis Rems
Marry Scrim Hes
Marry Scrim She
Marry Scrims Eh
Marry Scrims He
Rams Cherry Mis
Rams Cherry Ism
Rams Ice Myrrhs
Rams Ices Myrrh
Rams Smirch Rye
Rams Chrism Rye
Rams Chis Merry
Rams Sic Rhymer
Arms Cherry Mis
Arms Cherry Ism
Arms Ice Myrrhs
Arms Ices Myrrh
Arms Smirch Rye
Arms Chrism Rye
Arms Chis Merry
Arms Sic Rhymer
Mars Cherry Mis
Mars Cherry Ism
Mars Ice Myrrhs
Mars Ices Myrrh
Mars Smirch Rye
Mars Chrism Rye
Mars Chis Merry
Mars Sic Rhymer
Army Riches Mrs
Army Smirch Res
Army Chrism Res
Army Chrisms Re
Army Schism Err
Army Scrim Hers
Army Scrims Her
Mas Cherry Rims
Mas Rice Myrrhs
Mas Cries Myrrh
Mas Rices Myrrh
Mas Crise Myrrh
Mas Mercy Shirr
Sam Cherry Rims
Sam Rice Myrrhs
Sam Cries Myrrh
Sam Rices Myrrh

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