Wierd Al – Unreleased: Chicken Pot Pie

Published On February 12, 2018 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Weird Al” Yankovic performing his unreleased parody of ‘Live and Let Die’, known as ‘Chicken Pot Pie’, live in 1992:

In 1984, McCartney asked “Weird Al” Yankovic when he was going to parody one of his songs. A couple of years later, Yankovic asked for permission to put his parody “Chicken Pot Pie” on an album (as a courtesy; legally, he did not need permission). McCartney denied the use because he is a vegetarian and did not want to promote the consumption of meat. Yankovic, a vegetarian himself, said he respected the decision. However, he has performed the song live. This is one of those performances.

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