Meet Your Neighbors, WIN Coffee!

Published On March 20, 2018 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Wherever you go in your travels, you’ll find that Canadians have a pretty
friendly reputation, and that’s something to be proud of!
“You’re like Aussies.. but with snow” I was once told in Cancun.

But did you know that back here at home, HALF of Canadians hardly know their own neighbour? It’s all too easy these days to shuffle up and down our beaten paths,
our daily routines with nary a glance up or a wave or more than a “how’s she goin?”

Now that winter is over, as the late, great Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip
once put it:
“Springtime’s coming, Wait til you see
Poking through with them shoots of beauty
It’s the end of rent-a-movie weather,
It’s time to end this siege together! (Thompson Girl)!
“Let’s shake some snow off of our shoulders,
Let’s shake some snow off of the roof!” (Makeshift We Are)

(Yeah, I know.  I’m all Hip references. It really made for some pretty awkward
thesis notations back in all of my high-school science finals.)

So, here’s the challenge… Spring’s here.  Come out of your shell.
Say Hi! Connect with your neighbors – over coffee at your local Tim Horton’s
restaurant , or however you choose to connect with your neighbors.
Just make sure that Tim Hortons knows about it – you can tag
@timhortons on social media #coffeewithneighbors and you’ll have
the chance of winning one of hundreds of $10 Tims Card prizes!
If you want some more details on that, go to

Watch real Canadian neighbours meet for the first time over a cup of coffee with a little help from Tim Hortons. #CoffeeWithNeighbours

Also, Tims Lattes are pretty awesome – and they launched that with a really cool
viral campaign with a non-descript storefront -selling only lattes on the menu
and then doing the big reveal..

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