You Had ONE Job: Cheese!

Published On March 6, 2018 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

A Cheese Festival Is Cancelled . . . When It Runs Out of Cheese

Somebody call Alanis Morrisette and let her know how irony is not only alive and well,
but thriving with great abundance in the 21st century…

There was once a festival in Brighton England, called “The Big Cheese”.
It was going on this week, and it featured prominently one thing: Cheese.
Tickets cost $30 for people to sample, from all over the world many varieties of
one particular food item, in all of it’s variations and exotic flavors: Cheese.

But now they’re offering refunds, because they ran out of one thing...
And I bet you can guess what that one vital thing is.
In fact it’s in the very title of the festival.
And they ran out of it.

You guessed it..Cheese.

I know, what a twist.
So, the festival’s organizers are blaming the weather, that shoddy London fog or something
like that – which kept many of the vendors from  showing up.
In which case, the only thing they could offer was nacho.. as in NACHO CHEESE…
Get it? Nachos?
Nach yo’s?
Not yours.
That was the joke.

.. Tough crowd today…..

So I had some actors ready to come in and re-enact the likely scenes and conversations
that would have gone down at the actual festival once the cheese ran out, but unfortunately
none of them would come in, as I’d promised to pay them in cheese, and my cheese dealer
stood me up.. pity. So instead,  we’ll outsource the job to Monty Python:


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