Tommy Wiseau Joker Audition?

Published On March 12, 2018 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Hats of to the Nerdist for harnessing the manic energy of Tommy Wiseau,
the accidental genius behind “The Room” and inspiration of the recent movie
about the making of The Room, “The Disaster Artist”.
With news of a Joker origin story in the works , Tommy slaps on some greasepaint
to bring some strange… TO the already-strange…for his own unique take on
the Joker character.  Funny thing is…. Wiseau’s eccentricity actually fits and
produces a strange, odd  kind of synergy with the character of the Joker,
don’t you think?

A hahaha – wat a story Batman!

I’d watch a Tommy Wiseau production version of Batman.
Just so long as they team Tommy up with Russel Cashman Oliver from those
old City TV commercials:


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