Alexa, You So Crazy!

Published On April 12, 2018 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Try this with your Alexa and see if you get wacky conspiracy theories..
“Alexa, what are chemtrails?”

What IS a chem-trail? Look up in the sky – see those vapor paths left by
aircraft? When you get up to the high, cold altitudes, naturally, when the heated
gases from the aircraft’s engines cool and condense – you get a cloud.

Either that or it’s a Huuuuuge conspiracy to release chemicals and dose the public
with mind altering and compliance-assuring drugs of control to keep the population in check
and or control the weather and or keep the 3 alien armies confounded  as they survey our
(round/flat) planet.

No matter what your belief on the subject is, Alexa seems to have the answer.
Or you can return your Alexa for going redneck on you. Your choice.

Or consider this.. during a recent trip to Mexico, I happened to wander into a staff event/conference/gala  for one of the major airlines (with a group of  pretty flight attendants – long story, but not really a long story)  and it was being held the resort’s conference center, and there were
free drinks, but the resort was all inclusive so, every drink was a free drink.
But I digress…..

There was one table near the airline’s pamphlet station that was stacked with
water bottles and these water bottles had custom printed labels.
And on these labels, some joker/realist had titled the contents:  “Chemtrail Juice.”
And below in fine print: “Nutritional Information: Calories: 0, Ingredients: H20”
Just sayin’.


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