What Does Monday SOUND Like?

Published On April 2, 2018 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Remember the old Windows 95 Start-up sound?
Of course.. your workplace computer probably still runs on the Windows-95!
Well something pretty and peaceful happens when you slow down the startup sound
by 4000%.  Maybe there is a lesson to be learned in this exercise. Perhaps there is peace
and beauty hiding in those moments we spend stressing when things aren’t up to the high
paced speed of today’s demands…

Or as one Youtube user reflects upon listening:

” I am looking back on life. I see so much arbitrary hatred, so much wasted energy. And for what? We are so small in this vast expanse of a universe, there was no reason. We should have hugged eachother tighter. But it is so clear to me now…politics, government, society, conciousness, life…all of it is an illusion. Even the crippling loneliness we all feel. There is a God watching us, and we were born into his universe. We are all bit. Pieces of code stemming from another universe. Another time. And so the cycle will continue. We will advance our technology to the point of creating a similar thing. People there will look up and wonder where they came from. Only when they give birth to their own universe will they understand…”

Ok video’s over, let’s go find some cats.

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