I Got LEGS. And I Know How To Use ..One…

Published On May 16, 2018 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

So this’ll be me for a couple of weeks after the knee surgery this afternoon:

“Thanks Dave.. most show’s won’t have me….” LOL.

Some people get cool tattoos. I collect scars.
Scars make the man, right?

I’ll be back in a couple weeks though. In this case, it’s just a knee operation – nothing like, say,
what Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo  went through for one example.
If you check out his Wikipedia page:

“In March 1995, Cuomo had extensive surgery to extend his left leg, which was 44mm shorter than the right. This involved the surgical breaking of the leg bone, followed by months of wearing a steel brace and painful physiotherapy sessions;[21] the procedure affected his songwriting, as he would spend long periods hospitalized under the influence of painkillers. At the end of 1995, Cuomo enrolled in Harvard University to study classical composition. His right leg was still in a brace following surgery, and he required a cane to walk; he described it as “like having, I think, about seven arrows lodged into your leg bone, and then having to walk around with them lodged in like that for thirteen months, with only Advil.”

Ouch!! So I’ll count my blessings, and take some time to do some rock-reading,
which is what I’ve been doing a ton of lately.  Thanks to this collection of Anthony Kiedis 
injury-related interviews  for helping me man the hell up and face this knee op with
nerves of steel (and hopefully some ice cream from the nurses when I come around after!)

I’ll be listening in from the McNeill family farm on the Canadian Radio Player App while I mend.
See you in June!
And remember, when you go to the gym, don’t attempt to do soccer tricks with the  heavy medicine balls.
Or you’re gonna have a BAD TIME…

Hobbles McGee.
Injury Scratch List 2018


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