Have You Watched Cobra Kai?

Published On May 15, 2018 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Karate Kid was one of those movies my brother and I had on an almost daily loop
as kids. We’d come home from elementary school,  and throw either Gremlins,
Top Gun or most often Karate Kid into the VCR until it was time to watch He-Man
followed by GI Joe on TV.

The sequels were alright. The recent reboot with Wil Smith’s kid had it’s moments,
and when the new Kobra Kai series got announced through Youtube Red, and with both
original actors on board reprising their roles as Daniel and Johnny, it sounded almost too
good to be true. Would they, could they – honor the original story and pick up where they
left off 30 years ago?

The answer is YES!
You get the right people together with the right vision, and you deliver sincerely to that
deep and meaningful nostalgia instead of exploit it – and you get something special out of it.
The attention to detail is there. The little nods and references are all there.  There’s a passing of
the torch without saying goodbye – with the exception of the late Mr.Miyagi, with a heartwarming,
tribute to Pat Morita that actually got me a bit misty. This is how it’s done right.

I realize I’m painting in broad strokes here – mainly to be as spoiler-free as possible, because
if the original Karate Kid movies meant something to you and your childhood – then this is a
series that honors everything that you remember and love, and is definitely worth checking out!



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