Afternoon Blog: Wednesday

Published On October 10, 2018 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

This can only be good marketing for CK colognes…
Forest rangers in India are planning to lure in a tiger that’s killed 13 people
by attracting it with Calvin Klein Obsession cologne.
Guys I think it’s safe to assume that we’re all thinking of the same punchline here.
Spray on some CK obsession and you’ll be drowning in – large wild cats -.
Sounds like a good plan…  just…think about  YOUR go-to cologne
and how many cougars you’ve attracted that way.
(SERIOUSLY – for some reason, big cats LOVE CK Obsession – check it out..)

A company is offering a job that pays $25-an-hour to binge watch sports.
Surely there’s no catch, right? Imagine how rich you’d be if you could collect
$25/hr for all the hours you’ve binge watched sports over your lifetime so far….

Did you hear about the guy in London who put his girlfriend for sale on eBay?
He did it as a prank over the weekend, and he described her like you’d describe
a used car . . .  and the price got up to $119,000 before eBay pulled the listing.
She’s planning a revenge prank. Check out the listing

Are you dragging yourself over this hump day Wednesday? 
Good news is.. you’re already over your mid-afternoon bump.
Work studies have found that we hit our confidence peak around 12:30 in
the afternoon.  
And the top little things that can boost your confidence are
a new haircut, a new outfit, 
doing a good deed, and listening to one of your
favorite songs.  
We’ve got u covered on that last one!

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