Did You See the NEW Pet Semetary Trailer?

Published On October 11, 2018 | By Matt McNeill | Afternoons

Pet Semetary was definitely one of the scariest Stephen King books I’ve read.
(although IT is hands-down the book that gave me the most actual nightmares)
And the original movie had it’s moments.. Like Denise Crosby (ST:TNG’s Tasha Yar, as you might
recall) missing 1/4 of her face during that freaky kiss in the kitchen and Jud Crandall getting
his achilles tendon sliced from under the bed. (let’s pause on that for one second.. seriously,
I’m surprised I haven’t created a black hole singularity every time I collapse and cringe at that
sickening moment -the surgical knife across the back of the ankle – and the “slit!!” sound it made

So – what do you think?  How will the upcoming Pet Semetary remake stand up to the original
movie? The book?   You’ve got to admit – the trailer looks pretty awesome..

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