Wait, Mount St.Helens Is About To Blow Up?

By: Matt McNeill


Matt McNeill

So I’ve heard different theories about where this came from.
According to one source, this was written by a guy who writes advertising jingles,
kind of like a delightful, musical Don Draper from Mad Men – who might have snapped
during a meeting and/or done some very interesting drugs…..

Regardless of how – it’s the “What” that will make you smile when you hear this…..
and laugh in the face of all that is gloomy. It’s kind of got a “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”
message set to a soundtrack that reminds me of Steely Dan and Frank Zappa.. and just…
I don’t even know how else to describe this.. but I know I’m going to return to this video any time
my depression rears it’s ugly head and tries to torpedo my day.
Enjoy, laugh, breathe, repeat.

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