Where IT Knows Your Name…

By: Matt McNeill


Matt McNeill

Dear Internet,
Thank you kindly for the nightmares.
I wasn’t planning on catching up on my much needed sleep anytime soon.
Matthew Danger McNeill.

In case you haven’t yet discovered the joy of sleeping with one eye open, gripping the pillow tight,
some mad genius inserted Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s IT into the opening
frames of every tableau in the intro to Cheers..

And of course, somebody else immediately chipped in with an equally disturbing version of
the intro-theme, but with the opening piano riff repeated and dropped a full octave each time.

Played together with the IT on mute, it is rumored to possibly open some kind of  terrible and evil rift in
space/time or  a gateway to the demon Gozer … or something awful this way would come.  Legend has it.
But if you wanna play both together, it’s a free country and I won’t stop you.

Just give me a 10 minute head start first so that I can make like Iron Maiden and run to the hills,
thanks a bunch!  Good luck w/ the gateway to evil and stuff!  Tell me how it goes, k?


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