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Roof Of The Car = “My Own Little Parade”

By: Matt McNeill


Matt McNeill

Did u hear about the   guy in Tennessee — got arrested for riding on the roof of his car while his wife drove.  He said he was, “riding in . . . my own little parade.

Just sitting on top of the moving car, blowing kisses at passing drivers and appearing to do pull-ups while on top of a moving car    and by moving.. I mean over 100 kilometers an hour. What kind of parade lets you do  a buck 20? No parade around here.. Or in Tennessee….  “

“It was a birthday party and a celebration. I was riding in a parade. My own little parade,” the guy told his local tv reporter after posting bail. Who even needs a lawyer with that defence? Not this guy!

I say he should go for the “But I saw it in the movie TeenWolf” defense …

Check out the obligatory news link and video HERE

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