You Know Your Season Is Going Poorly When…

Published On March 28, 2017 | By Tony Frangis | Evenings

Detroit Red Wings forward Riley Sheahan hasn’t had the best of seasons. In fact, it’s been awful. 0 goals in 73 games. He’s taken 100 shots on net which gives him the record for most shots on goal in a season without scoring. You can now follow his saga thanks to a convenient Twitter account that is updated after every game.

Here’s the update from last night:

Here’s from 2 nights ago:

And one more from this past Saturday:

You get the picture. It’s been that kind of year for him. In case you’re wondering, the last time he scored a goal was April 9, 2016 against the New York Rangers. Video evidence can be found at the end of this clip:

We wish Riley the best of luck in ending this streak. Here’s hoping the aforementioned Twitter account will tweet the word “Yes” before long.

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