A Response To Marilyn Gladu’s Pot Poem

Published On December 5, 2017 | By Max Major | Mornings

Anyone catch our MP’s poetry session in the house of commons on Friday?

Here’s the transcript:

I want to protest an ill thought out bill,
that is passing through parliament here on the hill,
The bill that is bad is called C-45,
It has so many flaws it just shouldn’t survive,
The Grits will allow four pot plants in each dwelling,
Regardless of how bad each place will be smelling,
With mold, ventilation as issues unplanned,
This bill will not keep pot from our children’s hand,
There are more new infractions within this new rule,
That our courts will be flooded as will every school,
With drug impaired driving and challenges there,
The doubling of traffic deaths and Liberals don’t care,
The provinces and police in every town,
Have all asked the Liberals to slow this bill down,
With nearly 200 more days left til the day,
Nobody but our party stands in the way,
We hope that the senate will do its true deed,
And keep our great country safe from all the weed.

-Marilyn Gladu


I do love a good poetry competition! So I’ve written up a response poem. Enjoy!


Marilyn Gladu likes to spit rhymes
Making legalized pot sound like “the end times”
Bill C-45 has it’s share of flaws
Which is fair when rewriting so many laws
Many laws that are archaic, in fact
And suppress an herb with great medical effects
Liquor or pot? We’ll be able to choose!
How can you fear pot…but be accepting of booze?
I get it, you’re worried about traffic and kids
But why does four plants make you flip your lid?
Bottles and pills and guns are okay
But you’re afraid pot will take our children away?
Sarnia has a larger problem overall
It’s not marijuana, it’s called Fentanyl
The bill is not perfect, of that, there’s no doubt
But at least it should help you to chill the **** out!

-Max Major

Matt put pen to paper too:

It’s good for your libido.

Pairs well with a bag of Dorito’s.

Makes you shuffle like you’re Lido

and write short poems because it can effect your ability to retain short term thoughts as well as diminish focus on the task at hand bro.

cool ranch. cool ranch.

-Matt Sampaio


Who wins the poetry battle?


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