Long-lost Tragically Hip demo

Published On September 11, 2018 | By Matt Sampaio | Mornings, Rock Lounge

Recorded in Toronto by Red Rider founding member (guitarist) Ken Greer, who would also produce the Hip’s EP.

Here’s what’s on the vid…

(00:00) She Didn’t Know (04:06) When The Weight Comes Down(08:28) New Orleans Is Sinking (Alternate Verse) (12:23) She’s Got What It Takes (16:54) I’ll Believe In You (Or I’ll Be Leaving You Tonight) (20:34) Rain, Hearts, Fires (25:05) Hailstone Hands Of God (29:13) Nuclear Bar-B-Q (34:24) Another Midnight (Alternate Lyrics) (37:51) Three Pistols (42:02) Leather Man (46:31) It Came `Round (50:23) I’m OK (54:15) Times Are Passing Us By (59:45) Juliet (1:04:42) Running For My Life (1:08:15) On The Shelf



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