Today In Rock History… January 3rd

Published On January 3, 2018 | By Brittany Holbrook | Rock Lounge, Today In Rock History

1959: Johnny Cash played a free concert for the inmates of San Quentin Prison, California. One of the audience members was 19 year-old Merle Haggard, who was in the midst of a 15 year sentence (he served three years) for grand theft auto and armed robbery.

1963: The Beatles began their debut headlining tour in Scotland appearing at the Two Red Shoes Ballroom in Elgin, where they played for four nights. Two of the dates were cancelled due to bad weather.


1964: The Beatles were shown on prime time American television for the first time on The Jack Parr Show.


1987: Aretha Franklin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, making her the very first woman to earn this accomplishment.


George Martin-producer for The Beatles born in 1926
Stephen Stills-guitarist for Buffalo Springfield & Crosby, Stills and Nash born in 1945
John Paul Jones-bassist for Led Zeppelin born in 1946

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