Don Henley Putting Finishing Touches On Solo Country Album

Published On April 15, 2015 | By Ryan Valdron | Rock Lounge, Rock News

Steven Tyler isn’t the only rocker releasing a solo country record in the near future, Don Henley has announced that he’s doing one too. It’s been a long time coming, but Henley says “I’ve recorded 17 songs — I’ve been working on it for the last four, five years. It sort of has a country flavor. I guess you could categorize some of it as country, and some of it could be called Americana.”

Henley has been recording a majority of his solo work in Nashville with some parts being tracked in Southern California and at his home studio in Dallas. As for an estimated album release date? Henley says “once the Eagles tour winds down in mid-June, I’ll have the time to start the promotion process.” 


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