Black Box – “Everybody Everybody” (HBO Version)

By: Matt McNeill


Matt McNeill

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to binge watch your favourite show,
But you keep getting distracted by what’s happening around you… the dog wants out,
the fire alarm won’t shut off in the hallway…the kids want ice cream now…

you know.. Distractions…

Well.. HBO feels your pain. 

HBO has your back. — And they came up with a solution.
And they’re testing it out on college students by giving them  giant cardboard boxes
that you basically sit in.. o
r lay inside, so that you can stream in peace. 

The “HBO box” is literaly a big black box…With arm and leg holes..that you just put over
you… and it has holes so that you can breathe, and has a little  shelf that apparently holds
your streaming device.

Welcome to the future…..

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