Spoiler Alert? Frozen 3?

By: Matt McNeill


Matt McNeill

Frozen 2 is on track to be the biggest animated movie release of all time.
At least until Frozen 3 comes along, right?

And here I was all confused over the lack of acknowledgement over the events
that take place in this (completely UNLICENSED) app called ANNA GIVES BIRTH,
which came out shortly after the conclusion of Frozen part 1.

So.. it turns out  that I only pasted the YouTube quick link incorrectly the first time I posted
this blog,  and it also turns out that the missing video message was only that and not the threat from the
all-encompassing media Mouse House that I thought it was.

Call me paranoid, but yeah..  SO..  that’s the video from the now-defunct
ANNA GIVES BIRTH app that came out a few years ago. I gave it an honest review
and should for all intents and purposes remind you that the events, images, sounds,
Kenny-G smooth saxophone jazz and various medical instruments – are considered
NON CANON, and separate from the OFFICIAL story-line and overall product of the
Disney-owned Frozen franchise.. and all commentary and visuals therein contained should be considered purely satirical in nature – and that should do it for disclaimers

– I think we’re safe, I think I covered it all… yeah…the pressure around my throat just vanished,
So I think we’re good.  Ever since they acquired Star Wars, that’s been happening a lot around here..



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