Broom Challenge: Busted?

By: Matt McNeill


Matt McNeill

Great Scott! I’ve done it – it’s true!!   The broom challenge- it works!
And best of all.. it’ll work tomorrow, and next month – even a year from now!
There’s nothing special going on with the Earth’s tilt or gravitational pull
on specific days of the year – and HERE COMES THE SCIENCE ON WHY….

And, how’s this for a shocker – you can even balance other objects any old way you
like, just so long as – you know – you BALANCE them!
And you can do it on any old DAY you like and from any old PLACE you like too for that matter.
Exhibit A; Let’s go back in time EIGHT YEARS AGO to the Hard Rock Resort
in Punta-Cana  and  witness this magic at the swim-up bar in Party Pool #3:





So that’s not a broom, granted, but it was much tastier.
What that really is, however, is a fancy balancing act and it’s no different in
practice really, from what you can do with your broom if motivated –
Say, by a trendy twitter challenge.

Either that. or the Earth is flat for one day. Or maybe the core aligns with the Sun
and some of the planets to pull the water in our bodies and nearby objects
into some kind of synergy – and we must tell EVERYBODY about the astro-magic!

Therefore, here’s my possessed broom! Witness the sorcery!!!!!!

(and yes, that is a very healthy-selection of Grey Goose vodka in the wine-
rack, I know. Thanks for noticing!)

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