Shower Thoughts May 27th, 2024

By: Ben Maddigan


Ben Maddigan

I binged Batman The Animated Series over the weekend (still holds up, by the way) and one thing that stuck with me was an episode where the driving force behind the conflict, the “villain moment,” if you will, was a man who was about to give a presentation and his stack of important papers was knocked out of his hands. Cue him fumbling to rearrange them, the papers blowing into a puddle – it completely derailed him and led to him trying to take revenge on the business rival who caused it. It certainly made the show feel a little more dated. Losing an important stack of papers is a common trope in movies and TV shows, but does that actually happen in real life anymore? Is an important businessman getting set for a presentation with hundreds of pieces of paper? Wouldn’t it just be a laptop or a USB drive now?


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