Shower Thoughts June 11th, 2024

By: Ben Maddigan


Ben Maddigan

I had a family trip to BC a couple months back, and it really got me thinking on the flight back what a truly incredible feat of human ingenuity travel by flight really is. If you were to show the Wright brothers just how far human flight has come, they would probably be astounded. But for us, in 2024, flight has become so common-place that I feel like we’ve lost our wonder at flying, and our appreciation for just how incredible it is. You can travel to anywhere in the world basically by just hopping on a plane. From one side of our massive country to the other in a matter of hours. Add on that statistically, in our country anyway, it is the safest way to travel, and we really should be marveling at it still. I mean, people used to get dressed up in their finest to travel – now, I usually wear sweat pants and a comfy shirt to be comfortable while on the plane. There’s no doubt we live in a time of technological advancement and there are so many truly amazing things we have accomplished. I just think we should remember that flight is and always will be one of them.

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