Phone Scammer Vs LennyBot

By: Matt McNeill


Matt McNeill

Q: “What’s this Lenny Bot  I keep hearing about?”
A: Only the greatest thing ever in the ongoing war against unsolicited robo-calls, that’s what!

I used this today during the Drive at 5, on a robo-caller – who quickly lost patience and ended the call.

Let’s face it, 90% of incoming mystery-number calls seem to be scammers and telemarketers, trying to pitch you dream vacations  or worse. SO you might as well waste their time, since they’re so busy wasting yours – and give them and yourself, some mutual entertainment in the process by using THIS SOUNDBOARD OF LENNY. Give it a spin. Bookmark it. Next time you get a robo-call at home,  move on over to the PC, open the page and hold your phone up to the speaker on hands-free, and try not to giggle too loudly.

The voice of Lenny, as legend has it, comes from a voice-actor in New Zealand, who recorded the lines with absolute perfection. Each recorded Lenny response is crafted so as not to resolve any statement or question, and serves only to frustrate and perpetuate an endless loop of conversational confusion.

Here’s one of many examples of how this “Confused Elderly Man” can completely unravel and destroy any given phone scammer. In this example, the caller is reduced to screaming “shut up! shut up! shut up!” over and over again…unable to deal with Lenny’s confused mumbling.


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