Dirty Deeds: Finally, A Robot For Dog Dirt

By: Matt McNeill


Matt McNeill

Yesterday we told you about a couple of new robots released at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
How about this one…

Picking up dog poop is probably the least enjoyable part of owning a dog. If you’re tired of doing it yourself, now you can let a robot do the job.
A company called Beetl Robotics has come up with a machine that does the whole messy job for you.

How does it work? Well if you’ve ever seen a Roomba in action, it’s pretty much like that.
It’s a compact machine that looks like a small lawnmower and it works all on its own.
Beetl uses real-time image analysis to detect piles of poop in the grass. It then goes toward the poop, stops and uses a mechanical claw to pick it up.
You can program the Beetl to stay only in your yard.
Beetl puts the scooped poop inside a disposable container that you can lift out and toss in the trash.

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